2012 Audi A4 Review and Prices

To complete the package of the2012 A4 Sedan, Audi has come up with several improvements. This year’s Sedan now has more features that reached the edge of maximum sophistication and made it very appealing to many prospective car buyers. The 2012 A4 now features headlights that are made out of Xenon Plus which are great for driving during the day as well as at 2 in the morning. The headlights consists 14 specialized white LEDs, conserving energy and maximizing visibility.

The 2012 Audi A4 has also caught the attention of many car enthusiasts with its newly adjusted size. The latest Audi A4 is exactly 185 inches in height; 4.5 inches taller than its previous build. Not only has the height of the A4 has changed, but also its width, which is now 71.9 inches. With regards to its proportions, the company has made some modifications as well. The front body extension has had some reductions, as well as its cap and the wheelbase. There are also noticeable changes with the A4’s rooflines, which meet all of the surface sections of the vehicles body at an amazingly almost unseen joint of zero-gap.

The wheelbase of the Audi A4 has now gone bigger to a size of 110.6 inches. On the other hand, the space inside has increased by an inch, while passenger space in the backseat now has more legroom by increasing an inch-and-a-half. The car’s wheelbase is now 110.6 inches as well. Compared to the C-Class and 3-Series, the new A4’s wheelbase is two inches greater.

While the size of the A4 has increased, its net weight has actually decreased. It is also now more fuel efficient with its new fuel consumption mechanism. It has a more advance engines that are both four and six-cylinders and each one offers a TFSI 2.0-liter. These twin-turbo engines can produce up to 211 horsepower, which could run up to 4,000 to 6,000 rpm. With regards to torque, it can produce just short of 260 pound-feet running from 1,500 to 4,300 rpm.

One of the interesting parts of the 2012 Audi A4 is that its engines can have three types of transmissions. First of all, the manual six-speed transmission is great for 0 up to 60 in just around 6 seconds (this is only a second behind most Porsche models. Alternate transmissions available are the Eight Speed Tiptronic, which can lower fuel economy for faster speed while the Multitronic CVT, loses some of that great fuel economy.

The 2012 Audi A4 is basically a luxury sports sedan that can offer consumers great style and engine power – not to mention, comfort of ride. Its base price runs from around $33,000 to $36,000 dollars depending on the model. For what you get, this price is reasonable and anyone should be proud to own a 2012 Audi A4.

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