2008 Audi A6 Quattro sedan prices, trims, and specs – CarMagi

The 2008 Audi A6 stands out in a crowd, and in its segment with refinements, power, and engineering envied by almost every one of its competitors. Whether you opt for the 3.2, with a 3.2Liter 255hp V6, or the 4.2 with a 4.2Liter 350hp V8, you get a luxury 4-door, 5-passenger sedan, or wagon of distinction and unparalleled quality. Another key item that makes the A6 stand out is the optional Quattro 4-wheel drive, which nobody can criticize.

Along with the trim levels from 2007, Audi has added the exterior trim and badging of the S-Line. Also new for 2008 is the headlamp wiper system, and Sirius Space Receiver. Interior space is ample, with comfortable leather seating and ergonomically placed instrumentation and controls. Get into just the right configuration with the adjustable steering wheel and driver seat.

Safety is perhaps the item most heavily addressed in the 2008 Audi A6, with a full compliment of airbags, lighting, and security countermeasures. When you are in the mood for relaxing entertainment, the A6 places audio controls at your fingertips to activate a battery of concert-quality speakers placed strategically throughout the cockpit. Climate control is optimized by a dual zone control panel.

A quick walk around the A6 is all it takes to focus on the exquisite attention to detail and insistence on perfection enforced by Audi. Handling and performance are impeccable, with stability control and 4-wheel antilock brakes standard. Reward yourself twice by noticing the fuel economy yielded by the A6, 21mpg city, 29mpg highway. No matter which vehicles you compare, where you shop for a luxury sedan, or what price you pay, the 2008 Audi A6 delivers what it promises, quality, comfort, and performance.

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