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The refreshed for 2008 Audi A8 is a luxury sedan capable of seating 5 passengers and is available in two trims, the A8 L and the A8 L W12. The A8 can be powered by either a 4.2-liter, V8, 350-horsepower engine, or in the case of the L W12, a standard 6.0-liter, W12, 450-horsepower engine. Both trims come with a 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive integrated with Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive system.

The new 2008 Audi A8 is a big, comfortable, luxurious automobile whose imposing external persona borders on conspicuous consumption. With its oversize grille, as subtle as that on a 2005 Dodge Ram, and squinting headlamps, it becomes all too apparent that the owner of such a vehicle has something to prove. The A8’s grill underwent minor modifications, while the external mirrors added integrated turn signals.

With its aluminum frame and 60-40 front-rear torque split, handling and performance in the 2008 A8 is exceptional. There is plenty off the line power with either engine, and handling in the curves is fairly level. Audi introduces two new technologies in the A8 that mitigate dangerous blind spots and other visual deficiencies in lane changing.

The 2008 Audi A8, with its modest external changes and performance enhancements, has significantly improved the vehicle. People who enjoyed the driving characteristics of the 2007 A8 will come away duly impressed. The A8 has positioned itself as the true flagship of the Audi fleet, and a true luxury performance saloon..

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