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Though Audi took a one year break from manufacturing the TT Coupe, it proved to be a fruitful vacation with the completion of a total overhaul of the model that includes a new engine and a revamped exterior. The 2008 Audi TT Coupe succeeds in doing what many models have been trying to accomplish for years – provide impressive fuel economy and performance. With a 200 horsepower 2.0L inline TFSI 4-cylinder engine, the Audi TT beats out rival models like the Ford Mustang and the Mazda RX-8. Also, the combined fuel economy of 26 MPG far surpasses the competition, but this front-wheel drive model doesn’t match up to the handling of other rear-wheel drive sports cars.

While the Audi TT Coupe purports to be a 4-seater sports car, the two rear seats provide little room for average-sized adults; nevertheless, the manually adjustable front seats feature Alcantara leather and are protected by dual-stage airbags with occupancy sensors. Standard on the intro model TT are power heated mirrors, automatic climate control and an anti-theft vehicle alarm system that automatically turns on when the doors are locked. Also, Audi’s alarm system functions separately from the electronics of the sports car, allowing for alarm protection even if the vehicle’s electronics are somehow disengaged. Not only that, the alarm can sense a broken window, unauthorized entry into either door, and any shift in the vehicle’s position.

A lengthier body, lighter overall weight through extensive use of aluminum, and improved suspension are all changes implemented in the 2008 model year. The four-link rear suspension provides both better handling and a smoother ride in the 2008 TT, but the track-stabilizing steering roll radius gives the driver complete control and contributes to the overall handling as well. The dual-circuit brake system provides a greater level of safety than the competition by allowing the driver to still use the brakes in an emergency even if there is brake failure on one circuit.

an intro MSRP of $34,800, the 2008 Audi TT Coupe is well worth the money. Added bonuses like a Radio Data System, a driver info system built directly into the instrument cluster, and windows that insulate the interior of the vehicle from excessive heat put the Audi TT in a solid position in the 2008 sports car lineup. On the other hand, some potential buyers might be put off by the 4-cylinder engine and un-sports car like front-wheel drive. Overall, for the price, Audi could stand to provide a few additional features like an in-dash navigation unit, power heated seats, added horsepower, and roomier rear seating, but, even without these, the 2008 TT Coupe is a premium model.

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