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The 2008 BMW Z4 M arrives as a convertible roadster which can handle a removable hardtop or stylish soft top, and as a two-door coupe. They both are powered by a 3.2L 330hp inline six-cylinder engine which develops 362 ft lb torque @ 4900 rpm. There is no room for doubt that this BMW is a down and dirty road racer with its rear-wheel drive and 6-speed manual transmission.

With an MSRP of $52,100 for the roadster and $50,100 for the coupe, the Z4 M is not for the penny-pincher. About the only respectable quality about this automobile is its fuel economy, which for both the roadster and the coupe is 16mpg city and 24mpg highway. In as much as the Z4 M is a luxury sports car, great thought and effort has gone into comfort as well as performance. For example, the M Sport Seats are specially designed to support you laterally to handle high G forces with robust side bolstering and ergonomic lumbar support.

Bristling with practical technological features, the 2008 Z4 M knows how to get you where you need to go with an optional navigation system that has it all: GPS, a DVD map, and Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI), when procurable. George Lucas created THX for the certification of superior movie presentation. The audio system in the Z4 M has been certified by THX and uses Carver Technology hi-end sub-woofers and amplifiers.

If anything was more important than maximizing the performance of the 2008 BMW Z4 M, it is ensuring the safety of its occupants. To accomplish this, BMW utilizes a Rollover Safety System which incorporates two reinforced tubular steel roll bars into the roadster’s twin headrests. The A-pillars are also strengthened with tubular steel reinforcements secured to the chassis. Keeping you out of trouble is another trait that the Z4 M does very well with its Dynamic Stability Control. When sudden defensive maneuvers cause the car to lose traction, the Z4 M takes immediate action to restore control. You have every reason to look forward to the morning commute when you drive it in a BMW Z4 M.

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