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The new 2008 Chevrolet Colorado 4WD has quite a few standard features that simply surpass the competition; however, the Colorado is lacking in up-to-date safety features and unquestionably is not as sharp-looking as the comparables. While the 2008 boasts an immense list of safety features, most are merely a breakdown of the services that are provided by OnStar. Also, Chevrolet falls flat in exterior design, outclassed by the muscular builds of the Toyota Tacoma and Dodge Dakota.

The Colorado matches or beats all its competitors in towing capacity, payload, gas mileage, and warranty. Its standard payload is 1535-lb, while the Ford Ranger carries a meager 1260 pounds. The truck thrashes its competitors with a 4000-lb towing capacity. Toyota Tacoma maxes out at 3500 pounds. Not only that, with the ever-increasing price at the pump, the Colorado shuts out the competition with 18 city MPG and 24 highway MPG. Its warranty certainly surpasses others as well. The maker offers a 100,000 mile power train warranty and 72 month anti-corrosion service contract. Toyota and Ford only offer power train coverage for 60,000 miles.

Under the hood, the 2008 has a standard 2.9L I4 engine. Chevrolet claims that the I4 is comparable, if not better than the standard V6 in the Ranger. However, the statistics show that the I4 only has 185 horsepower, whereas the Ranger reaches up to 207 horsepower. There is a rather significant differential in torque as well. The 2008 Colorado gets 190 at 2800 RPMs, while the Ranger gets 238 at 3000 RPMs. The Chevrolet comes with standard part-time 4WD just as its competitors. It also matches its competition with independent front suspension and live rear suspension.

While the Colorado may have some victories with standard daytime running lights and all-season tires, the body-style is not nearly as powerfully built as the others. Even if a consumer is purchasing a no-frills model, he wants it to appear as if it rises above the rest. Both the Tacoma and Dakota have masculine angles and higher ground clearance. Even the Toyota’s front grille appears tougher. Chevrolet’s grille is simple and streamlined, not exactly what most buyers look for in a 4WD pick-up. Even the extended and crew cab trims lack a certain tough-guy appeal.

Chevrolet has upped its game with the introduction of OnStar, providing further safety features a truck would not otherwise have. Truck diagnostics, remote door unlock, automatic airbag deployment, roadside assistance, and accident assistance are all provided with the OnStar subscription. Nevertheless, Chevrolet only provides its buyers with a one year subscription. If safety is such a concern, the maker could easily increase the MSRP to match its competitors and supply a lengthier or lifetime subscription to OnStar.

If a buyer is looking for a run of the mill work truck, the 2008 Chevrolet Colorado 4WD is an easy pick. On the other hand, if a shopper wants something that stands out in a crowd, he’ll either have to go with a Chevrolet that’s much higher in price point or choose from the many other competitively-priced selections on the market.

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