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The smooth-riding 2009 Chevrolet Colorado 4WD is a big hit at dealer lots all around the country. With MSRPs ranging from $16,180 to $26,415, it won’t break the bank either. Impressively, it manages to deliver a tested and proven 18/24 mpg fuel rating while still featuring a 2400-pound towing capacity and a 1422-pound payload. The refined feel of the Colorado pleases drivers and passengers alike. It’s solid and stable – like a mid-sized pickup truck should be.

On Crew Cab models, there is plenty of space in the comfortable rear seats – and they don’t make you sit straight up like a statue either. Smaller than the Silverado, the 2009 Colorado still provides its owners with all of the tough truck features that the vast majority of truck enthusiasts will ever need or use. It gets the job done in style when towing or hauling dirt bikes, ATVs, campers and boats alike

you are simply looking for a great work truck, then opt for the utilitarian Regular cab Colorado 4WD. As a matter of fact, whatever your needs are, there is a Colorado made just for you. There are roughly 100 different feature and design combinations that are possible. There are two engines choices available: the base 2.9L 185hp V4 and the optional 3.7L 242hp 5-cylinder. Both engines are accompanied by an optional fully-automatic 4-speed transmission that delivers smooth shifts and powerful torque ratios

Cab configurations include Regular, Crew and Extended. The Regular and Extended come with a 6-foot bed while the Crew comes with a 5-footer. There are also two separate suspension systems to choose between for 4WD models of the Colorado: the tough and rugged Z85 and the Z71 off-road system. It is notable that the Z71 suspension choice requires at least the LT trim. Skid plates come stock with all 4WD Z71 suspension systems

The Chevrolet Colorado has you covered in the safety department with dual front airbags, optional side curtain airbags, seat belt pretensioners, 4-wheel ABS and electronic tire pressure monitors. The Colorado is intentionally reminiscent of its larger brother, the Silverado. The horizontal bars in the front grille are boldly-chromed and are surrounded by a gathering of multi-lensed headlamps. Optional fog lights can also be inset into the bumper. All features considered, the 2009 Colorado 4WD presents a fresh, clean and ready look

Testosterone-influenced fenders bulge outward and draw the eye. The door handles are of a reach-through design and make for easy opening – even when wearing work gloves. The tail gate locks in two separate positions – either completely vertical or at 55 degrees. Full sheets of plywood present no problems for the Colorado as well. The ground clearance stands at 7.7 inches on 4WD models, but varies just a bit depending on the cab style selected

The 2009 Chevrolet Colorado 4WD remains as an excellent choice, comparable to the Dodge Ram 2500, for all of your mid-sized trucking needs. Tough, ready and dependable, the Colorado delivers year after year of solid performance to its owners. Test drive your new Chevy truck today – the 2009 Colorado

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