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Chevy has created a passenger/cargo van that is both rugged and durable with the 2009 Chevrolet Express. It hauls up to 12 passengers – or a whole lot of cargo. That’s what it made for – transporting people and stuff – plain and simple. You have your choice between 3 differing engines: the 4.8L 279hp V8; the Vortec 6.0L 319 V8 and the 6.6L Duramax Diesel. Regardless of engine choice, your new Express will come with a 4-speed auto transmission.

There are four trims available: 2 for passengers and 2 for cargo hauling. They are listed as the LS, the LT, the Work Van and the Upfitter. They are all rear wheel-driven. Length and width measurements on all trims are 224.1 x 79.4 inches. The body height on the LS and LT (passenger trims) is 83 inches while the height on the Work Van and the Upfitter (cargo trims) is 81.5 inches. The ground clearance also differs. For the passenger vans, it measures 7.1 inches and the cargo trims measure 7.6 inches.

There’s plenty of room inside of the LT and the LS, regardless of which seating row you find yourself. Front and rear head room measurements are 40 and 39 inches respectively – no squatting or hunching ever necessary. 217.3 cubic feet of cargo space makes the Chevy Express one of the largest hauling vehicles of its kind anywhere on the planet. The standard version of the cargo trims has a 135-inch wheelbase while the extended models measure 155 inches. Of course, both cargo trims offer great versatility to accommodate your particular needs and desires for modification and fitting with specific workspace requirements.

MSRPs fall between $25,235 and $31,465 and all trims come with a standard 36-month/36,000-mile basic warranty. The 2009 Express is a carryover from the previous year. Gross vehicular weight for all trims is 8600 pounds while curb weights are listed at 5892 pounds for passenger trims and 5338 pounds for the cargos. The difference is of course the seating.

24.3 feet turning radii are what all trims deliver. The 31-gallon fuel tank is necessarily large because these Chevy Express vans are certainly not known for their stellar fuel economy. As a matter of fact, it isn’t even listed anywhere. You can assume roughly 10 mpg. Standards safety features on all trims include driver and front passenger airbags as well as side curtain bags for all rows of seating on passenger trims. ABS braking, electronic traction control, daytime running lights, remote keyless entry, PASS KEY III ignition disabling, THEFTLOCK theft deterrent radio and tire pressure monitors are all standard on all trims as well.

Additionally, there are many other optional features for safety and convenience as well. When you have regular needs for hauling passengers and/or cargo, the 2009 Chevrolet Express offers impressive value with a high degree of performance, dependability and style. Safe and secure, Chevy strives to make these passenger/cargo haulers as comfortable and luxurious as is feasible. Explore the Chevy realm today.

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