2012 Chevrolet Impala Review

Starting at just $25,760 MSRP, the 2012 Chevy Impala is affordable, sleek, luxurious and functional. This year’s model is available in 9 different color schemes, able to appeal to the different preferences of potential car buyers. The sleek, aerodynamic exterior design of the new Impala not only gives it spectacular visual appeal, but it helps to achieve the 30 MPG on the highway. It also has dual rear exhaust pipes, adding to the sleek and even sporty look of this sedan. The 2012 Impala didn’t sacrifice trunk space in the newly redesigned model, as it is able to provide owners with an impressive 18.6 cubic feet.

As for the interior of this year’s Impala, it offers a very impressive amount of interior space that most sedans in the same class made by the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW cannot compete with. It also keeps up with those manufacturers in terms of luxury on the inside, with decadently designed faux wood interior panels, leather seats and the ability to carry up to 6 adult passengers in the LS and LT models. Bet you’re drooling already. But wait, there’s more to consider.

As has already been said, this full-size sedan gets an estimated 30 MPG highway and 26 MPG in-town. This is all powered by a 3.6-liter V6 automatic engine, with powertrain features such as direct fuel injection, a 6-speed transmission and the ability to take E85 gasoline. Test drivers who took the Impala for a spin had nothing negative to say, that we could find. How can you really complain when you’re driving a sexy ride that gets great fuel economy? That’s right, you can’t.

State-of-the-art technology was also a concern for the manufacturer and they succeeded in that category as well. Standard with all models is Bluetooth capability, a sophisticated GPS navigation system, OnStar, a powerful Bose sound system and Sirius XM satellite radio capability.

As with any new Chevrolet, the manufacturers made safety a top priority. Electronic stability control comes standard on all 2012 Impalas, which will come in handy during inclement weather such as rain, snow, hail or just about anything Mother Nature decides to hurl at you. The stability control detects which tires are sliding the most and automatically applies brake pressure where required. The “skeleton” – if you will – of the 2012 Impala is a steel safety cage with a reinforced steel roof. 6 air bags come standard with all models as well. Additionally, in the unforeseen event of a collision, you will be automatically connected to OnStar. If you are unable to respond, an OnStar representative will send emergency crews to your location.

Chevrolet also offers you the choice to custom build your own 2012 Impala, complete with all the specs and add-ons that your little heart could ever desire. And starting at just over $25,000 MSRP, this offer is too good to pass up. Well, now you’ve heard it. The test-drivers are thrilled, the manufacturer is thrilled and new owners seem to be ecstatic over their recent purchase.

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