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The conservative, yet bold styling of the 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD pleases thousands of purchasers every year. It lacks the outrageous design standards of the Dodge Ram or the Toyota Tundra – and a lot of people like that. The Silverado retains a good deal of what has always made a truck a truck: dependable, rugged performance that can help you get your work – and play – goals accomplished.

Competitively priced with MSRPs between $18,575 and $40,555, there are a variety of trims and option packages to choose from. Fuel efficiency ratings for the base model are listed at 14/19 mpg city/highway respectively. The base engine is 5.3L 315hp V8. The towing capacity of the base if 5200 pounds and the payload is 1947 pounds. Chevy says that the Silverado is one of the best full-sized pickups available for 2009 – and that is probably a modest understatement.

The aerodynamics, and therefore the fuel economy, is enhanced by a 57-degree raked windshield. It also is integral in reducing interior noise. It’s smooth-riding too. There are several options for suspension systems available, but even the base model suspension is firm – absorbing shocks with effective ease. It’s built solidly on the GMT900 platform – the same as the Tahoe, but with different rear suspension and an overall 245% increase in framing stiffness.

The 1500’s hood features a broad power dome. Its frontal fenders reach outward and envelope the wheels as the show off their fully-integrated headlamps. Rectangular fog lights are also impressively incorporated. The gold-colored Chevy bowtie is placed upon a 3-bar grille of chrome and it catches the eye in a not-unpleasant fashion. The gaps between the cab and body/fenders and bumpers are closely tightened, giving a cohesive look and unified feel.

Torsion bars are replaced in front by coil-over shock absorbers. This, coupled with a newly-designed rack and pinion steering system produce responsive handling that provides instantaneous and beneficial feedback for drivers. Outboard-mounted rear shock absorbers also add to the overall handling excellence and rise smoothness.

The Interior of the 1500 2WD Silverado is designed with roominess and functionality in mind. Dual glove boxes, fold-down seats and large controls are in place to accommodate easy usage – even when wearing work gloves. The rear seating features a central area that folds down as well to form an arm rest that is actually wide enough for two people to utilize.

In summary, the 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD is one of the best-selling full-size pickup trucks on the planet for many good reasons. It sets the standards for practicality and functionality – leaving futuristic styling for the other manufacturers to experiment with. The Silverado is happy to be a truck – a real truck that sells because of its toughness and readiness. Explore the Chevy truck realm today and be rewarded with what a pickup should be like.

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