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“One of the best full-size pickups available today. ” That what Chevy has to say about the 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD truck. The 2009 model is a carryover from the totally-redesigned 2008. And to the point of the redesign, the Silverado was already one of the most award-winning full-sized pickups on the planet. It has only been improved upon now.

The bold styling still allows hints of conservation and base practicality to shine through, especially when compared to the overdone styling of its competitors. This new generation of Silverado 4WD is a full 3 inches wider frontally and 1 inch wider in the rear end when compared to its predecessor generation. That makes a big difference in overall exterior appearance – a good big difference.

A variety of cab styles, engines, bed lengths, transmissions and suspension systems are available for potential buyers. There is a combination of features to please everyone. The 2009 Silverado 4WD features changes in its seating, stereo system, instrument panel and even a new fully-integrated optional brake controlling option.

Trim levels offered are called the WT, LT1, LT2 and LTZ. Additionally, regular cab models may be upgraded to an LS package (roughly $500 extra). MSRPs fall in the range from $18,575 to $40,555, obviously implying great diversity in optional features. Base level fuel efficiency ratings stand at 14/19 city/highway, falling within the acceptable range for the class.

All 5 different suspension systems yield solid and smooth rides – easily soaking up shocks and bumps on all terrain scenarios: the standard Z83 system; the firmer Z85 for stronger towing and hauling; the Z71 is for off-road situations; the Z60 for street performance that features 20-inch wheels and the NHT with high-strength rear springs for optimal towing ability.

Chevy wants you to be safe and offers an array of stock safety features to prove it. Dual frontal airbags, ABS braking and tire pressure monitoring systems are included. Optionally-available are side curtain airbags on the LT and LTZ models, StabiliTrac stability control, rollover mitigation, OnStar emergency assistance, the AutoTrac active transfer casing, and Chevy’s Ultrasonic parking assistance system.

Chevy enthusiasts appreciate the fact that the 2009 Silverado 1500 4WD isn’t quite as bold and aggressive as, say, the Dodge Ram or Toyota Tundra. The more practical design of the Silverado sells thousands of units every year for America’s tough truck manufacturer with absolutely no signs of ever slowing down. The 57-degree raked front windshield adds to the aerodynamic functioning and appeal as well. It also enhances cab quietness and fuel efficiency.

Built upon the GMT900 platform, the Silverado 4WD has a lot of its underpinnings in common with the Tahoe SUV – even though the Silverado features a suspension system and frame that are roughly 240% stiffer. As one would expect, the 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD full-sized pickup truck is one tough unit. It continues to be a world leader in sales and service standards as it surely will for many years to come.

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