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The HD in the 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 2WD pickup truck stands for Heavy Duty, and that could be a gross understatement. These trucks are tough, offering more power and durability than their competition to support your demands for intense work – and arduous play. Perfect for hauling heavy loads like your boat or ATV on the weekends, this Chevy 2500 drives with a carlike feel and grants you unexpected levels of comfort. That smooth ride is accomplished largely through the independent front suspension systems and the strongest engine in the class: a 6.0L V8. Not only does the Silverado 2500HD 2WD have the strongest engine; it also outdoes every other truck in its class with a standard 6-speed automatic transmission. Also, your travels will be made all the more enjoyable when you consider that these GM vehicles are the only in the full-sized, heavy duty pickup class that comes stock with OnStar music service. You can rock out on solo trips singing like Bon Jovi or even appease the kids to keep them quiet on family trips. The 2500HD is sharp on the inside and out, and people just love to look at you as you’re cruising past them for some reason! The instrument panels are brighter than last year’s 2500HD and the regular cab trims grant you a powerized bench seat option with a 40/20/40 split ratio. There are eight trims available. You can opt for the basic “hose me out” models or go for luxurious heated leather and high-tech NAV systems. The sky is the limit concerning available options. There is even a sweet-looking opaque moonroof available. The standard cab trims seat 3 comfortably; the extended cab trims are good for new families and the crew cab trims are so spacious that you can allow your horse to ride on the inside with you! The 2008 2500HD 2WD by Chevy has serious hauling ability as well. With a lower roofline than most of its competition and a higher loading deck, these rugged beasts are designed to serve you. If you use your truck for your work, then you really need to consider the 2500HD. Loads of plywood smoothly slide in and hardly make these trucks even think about squatting. They also have optional tailgate lift and lock assist systems that can mean a lot to someone who uses that bed for more than stargazing. The 2008 Chevrolet 2500 drives solid and heavy with fluent and deliberate control inputs. When you have cargo that is properly secured with the multi-adjustable tie down system, it will not redistribute even when encountering unexpected, large terrain differences. The 4-wheel vented disc brakes and anti-lock braking system deliver you dependable stopping power Overall, the 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 2WD pickup is one of the finest and most dependable available for sale on the planet. With MSRPs ranging between $24,370 and $28,070 for the regular cab trims, they won’t destroy the bank either. These competitively priced workhorses have a lot to offer and should definitely be on your short list when it comes to selecting your next heavy duty, full-sized pickup truck.

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