2012 Chevrolet Suburban Review and Prices

The Suburban has the oldest continuous name of any automobile in the world, having been named a Suburban in 1935 by Chevrolet. While it has also been manufactured by Holden and GMC, only Chevy has perfected this family-size SUV. With a starting MSRP of $41,995, the 2012 Chevrolet Suburban isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s definitely within reach. This year’s Suburban received an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars for consumer ratings from Kelley Blue Book.

Available in 10 colors, potential car buyers will have a color to suit nearly any preference. Daytime running lights and bi-xenon headlights are standard on all 2012 Suburban models. Keyless remote entry and heated power mirrors also come standard. Aluminum wheels with all-season tires, Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control ensure that this family-size SUV is equipped to handle a variety of conditions. With tow hooks and a towing capacity of 8,100 pounds, consumers can rest assured knowing that the ½ ton Suburban can handle the job. Of course, if you need a little extra power, the ¾ ton model can tow up to 9,600 pounds.

Inside the 2012 Suburban is dual-zone climate control, rear climate control, and a rear window defogger. The heated and leather wrapped steering wheel with heated leather seats provides the ultimate in comfort of ride. Through the sound system, consumers can listen to a free 3-month trial of Sirius XM satellite radio, or just their CD, MP3 or standard radio music. There’s an available touchscreen GPS navigation system, as well as a rearview camera for assistance with parking. With the ability to fit 9 riders, including the driver, the 2012 Chevy Suburban truly is a family-size sedan. Although according to the test drivers, the third row is excessively big and does not fit flush into the floor, which decreases cargo capacity. The automatically dimming rearview mirror shields the driver’s eyes from bright lights behind them.

Under the hood, this SUV boasts a 5.3-liter, electronic fuel injection, V8 engine with 320 horsepower and 335 lbs./ft. of torque. The 6-speed automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive will get you where you need to go. An independent front and rear suspension provide the 2012 Chevy Suburban with excellent handling, considering the size of this SUV. While the gas mileage is somewhat worrisome at 21 MPG highway and 15 in-town, the bright side is that the gas tank can hold 31 gallons of fuel with 651 miles between fill-ups when on the highway.

An advanced airbag system and all OnStar services ensure that in the unfortunate event of an accident or collision, all riders will be as safe as possible. If the driver or another passenger does not respond to OnStar once they are notified of the accident, emergency services will automatically be dispatched to the location, via a GPS signal coming from the Suburban. 4 anti-lock disc brakes add to the stopping power and overall safety of the Suburban.

Overall, the 2012 Chevy Suburban is a great choice for consumers who want a reliable ride with above average characteristics. Just remember about the fuel efficiency (or lack thereof), the third row seating and the fact that the handling is quite poor when there is either a heavy load or multiple passengers in the vehicle.

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