2012 Chevrolet Traverse Review

Sleek, modern, versatile and most of all, durable, the 2012 Chevy Traverse is the one of the best choices for a mid-size SUV. Available from most licensed dealers in 7 colors, you’re sure to find a shade that fits to your liking. Best of all, the price is set at a very reasonable $29, 430 MSRP. Take this spectacular crossover sport-utility vehicle on muddy, pothole-filled off-road tracks on your next outdoor adventure, or simply cruise along on the paved highway, where you’ll get 24 MPG.

Built with the rider’s comfort in mind, this year’s model has multiple air vents located throughout the cabin that will easily cool even the passengers in the third row of seats on those long road trips through the Nevada desert. All 2012 Traverse models have front bucket seats installed, ensuring that both the driver and front passenger ride in complete luxury and comfort. For those of you with kids, instead of hearing “are we there yet?” the whole way to your vacation spot, you will hear the dull and quiet noise of your child’s headphones, while they listen and watch a DVD on all models except for the LS. Additionally, the Traverse offers between 10 and 12 cup-holders, depending on seat arrangement. It also has more interior cargo space than any other car in its class and even than many large-sized SUVs.

Speaking of road trips, you won’t need to fill up very often with the Traverse, as it boasts the ability to drive 520 miles on the highway without ever stopping at a gas station. A built-in GPS navigation system will guide you each and every turn of the trip, while a free three-month trial of Sirius XM satellite radio will keep you occupied and boredom will simply cease to exist. In town, this crossover SUV will get around 17 MPG, while getting 24 MPG on the highway. Not that most of us will admit it, but we’ve all backed into something we couldn’t see at one point or another in our driving careers. This hazard is eliminated by an ultrasonic rear parking assistant, which will warn the driver of objects behind them that they are in danger of backing up into.

Safety should be a top priority for any of us who are looking to buy a new car and the Traverse fulfills these requirements with built-in OnStar and state-of-the-art airbags. This year’s model also has blind-spot mirrors installed on every model except the LS. Every model except the LS is also equipped to have auto-dimming rear and side-view mirrors. Additionally, Chevrolet offers owners a 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, beating out other cars in its class by 40,000 miles. For those of you who are into customization, rather than stock, Chevrolet’s also gives potential buyers a “build your own” option, where you can customize your new 2012 Traverse.

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