2012 Kia Sorento Review and Prices

Available in 9 different eye-catching colors, the 2012 Kia Sorento is setting a new standard in quality for Kia automobiles. However, the color schemes are simply the beginning of how much Kia has improved the quality of its cars in recent years. The manufacturer offers a 10-year or 100,000 mile warranty, whichever comes first. This helps ease the minds of many who have their old impression of the company stuck in their head. Unlike Kia cars of 10 years ago, today’s cars are built to last, offer great visual appeal and are eco-friendly.

The 2012 Sorento comes with either 17-inch or 18-inch wheels (depending on model) and consumers have the option to upgrade the 18-inch wheels from standard alloy, to mirror-finish chrome. A chrome muffler is standard on both the EX and SX V6 models, adding just that much more flare to this already stunning SUV.

XM satellite radio is standard on all 2012 Sorento models, as is AM/FM, MP3 capability and a CD player, which should appease even the most hardcore music lover out there. A keyless push-button ignition is standard on the EX, EX V6 and SX V6 models as well. While the standard for most models is a cloth interior, rest assured that this is not only comfortable, but it will also save you the pain of setting your bare skin on the leather after the car has been sitting in the 105 degree sun for a few hours. The interior is also decorated with stylish black wood trim on all models, giving it a sleek and even luxurious look.

At around 3,900 pounds, this SUV is sure to compete with other cars in its class for fuel efficiency. In fact, the LS gets 21 MPG in-town and 29 MPG highway, while the other models (LX V6, EX, EX V6 and SX V6 get 20 MPG in-town and 26 MPG on the highway. As far as modern SUVs go, the 2012 Sorento should save you quite a bit of cash at the gas pump. Able to hold 18 gallons of fuel, you’ll also be making less-frequent trips to the gas station when you purchase the 2012 Kia Sorento.

Under the hood, the LX and EX both have a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine with 175 horsepower, while the LX V6, EX V6 and SX V6 all boast a much more powerful, 3.4-liter with an aluminum engine block that has an impressive 276 horses under the hood.

The 2012 Kia Sorento is an ideal family car and as such, the manufacturer is proud to claim that it won the 2011 IIHS Top Safety Pick. It also has a 5-star-rated side-crash rating, making it Kia’s safest vehicle they have ever made. Not to worry about purchasing a “foreign” car either, as all of Kia’s automobiles are made right here in the great United States of America, in the state of Georgia.

So what more can you really ask for in a family-sized SUV? Not much, except maybe a starting price of around $23,000 you say? Well, you’ve got it. The 2012 Sorento starts at a very reasonable $23,150. Go test-drive one today.

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